Poor Puppy!

My parents bought me a fish for Christmas because I told them that I missed having a pet in my dorm room. He’s a blue and red betta and I named him Puppy, following my new tradition of naming animals after other animals as I had done with my cat, Birdie.

Yesterday I went to the store to buy Puppy a bigger bowl and I was one block from my dorm before I tripped, fell, and shattered the bowl. I saw myself falling and I was so close to putting my hand right through the glass(oh imagine the horror of not being able to knit!). So Poor Puppy is still in a vase.

Today I went to change his water and just as I tipped the vase to pour him into his net(the net is too big to fit into the vase), he JUMPED. smack! right onto the bathroom counter. I think my poor fishy has a death wish. He gave me the cold shoulder for about 15 minutes after his little brush with fate, but he seems ok now, swimming about and showing off. Poor little guy nearly gave me a heartattack! I don’t think I would ever hear the end of it if I weren’t able to keep a fish alive for more than a month:aww:

Poor pupppy!!

My daughter was “pet lonely” in college as well. She ended up getting a turtle which she carried around from place to place for many years.

:pout: Poor little guy! sorry to hear on the smashing of the bowl too! he sure will love a new place though!

Awww poor puppy.
I hope you manage to put him in a new home too. Have you got a large clear bowl. That would do for a while.
I have to tell you though that fish tend to not live that long in my experience. They have a better chance if they have a tank or bowl with a filter in it.

Good luck and keep us posted .

Poor fishy!!

I had 2 goldfish in college, I had a 2 gallon aquarium which worked a lot better to keep them oxygenated than the fishbowl I had initially.

Having raised and bred Betta for about a year and a half before I had my daughter, I can tell you that Betta jump. If the water is too close to the top of the bowl they will jump out.

Your best bet is to get a 1 1/2 or 2 gallon aquarium that has a lid, filter, etc. Not only will that keep him in his home he will be healthier and happier.

As a side note, Im not sure if you know, but Betta are air breathing fish. They need to be able to reach the surface to get a breath or they will drown. Interesting factoid about them, I think.

In a bowl, Betta need to be fully changed every other day, which can get to be a hassle when you have classes and studying to get done.

Dont worry, Puppy will be fine after his “leap of faith”, LOL.

In college I had an Oscar, that thing was unstoppable. One time, I was cleaning his tank and had put him in a five gallon water bottle with the top cut off. I spent a good ten minutes scrubbing his tank when I came back to get something only to find him on the floor, gasping and dried to the floor. I just knew he was a goner but I scraped him off the floor and put him back in the bottle (with towel over the opening this time) and he was fine. One other time I had gotten a heater for him and told my parents to keep an eye on the heater and to turn it off if the water got to a certain temp. They forgot and I came home to find him simmering in blazing hot water. He lived.
Poor old guy outgrew his tank and the abilities of my care and I donated him to a zoological exchange where he lived out his life in huge floor to ceiling tank of other oscars awaiting adoption from zoos. Who knows maybe he was even adopted.

I think I’ll be attempting to get him a new bowl this weekend. I remembered some fish that i had when i was little who also attempted to jump out a lot, so I have been filling his bowl only enough so that there are about two inches of space between the waterline and the rim. With the exception of the first three days I was back at school, I’ve change his water every other day or more frequently when I’ve realized that the water was dirty

This morning he has sseemed to have forgotten his attempt to leave us and he was waiting for his food

My sis broke her fish bowl once, so we put the goldfish in a baking bowl until we could buy a tank. One kept leaping out so we put a cooling rack over the top so the fish couldn’t get out but air could get in. Now she has a plastic tank with filter and aerator which is less hassle to look after and easier to clean.

My dd had a goldfish and a snail in a bowl when she was younger. The snail kept escaping. When we found it on her bed one day we put netting over the bowl with a rubberband. That kept everyone happier. As to fish living long in a bowl, I had a rogue guppy in a vase for almost 3 years before he died. I didn’t know that guppies were mean, but this one was and went after all the other fish in the tank regardless of the other fish’s size so we had to take him out for his own protection.

Oh your poor little fish. Just make sure you keep bettas separate if you have more than one because I believe they eat each other or at least one gender eats another, I don’t remember which it is. My grandson had a Fred and Barney and they were separate so I have no clue which it is.

Hope Puppy feels safe and secure now and his owner will feel better about him and enjoy him. He sounds pretty!

Beta’s are ridiculously resiliant. They don’t need much more than a tiny bowl really. (thus why they have them on shelves in little plastic cups instead of in an aquarium… and because they fight…) … Tho that didn’t stop me from giving mine a large bowl filled with pretty decorations…

I had one for 3 years before she hopped into the drain during a cleaning and went down it before I could grab her. Poor Dream Boat. (Purple and Maroon SOOO pretty)

I had another one for a year Othello, he was gorgeous Royal Blue and Black. He ended up boiled in a very, very unfortunate accident, involving my cat’s curiosity and knowledge of faucets, and my lack of attention…


My friend Katie got a pink one from a wedding centerpiece. he was hot pink, and was named Monsieur Fancy Pants. He still lives in his vase 2 years and 3 owners later. (alot of them would benefit more from a goldfish. It lives long enough to enjoy, but not so long that the novelty wears off…:teehee:)

I hope you hand heals quickly!
If you haven’t bought Puppy a new home yet you might want to look at something like this
I got mine at Petsmart pretty inexpensively. It hold 3.5 gallons and my Betta loves it!! I finally got smart after I found my fish on floor 2 times. I renamed him Geronimo. I had him in a large 2 gallon vase before. The vented lid keeps him in, my cats out and allows him to breathe. I love the little trap door for feeding and quick suction cleans.
I’m actually going to get Geronimo a neighbor tomorrow!:happydance: I have a whole other critter keeper right next to his waiting for a new inhabitant!
Here’s a good site for betta care info.