Poor picking up of stitches

Hi has any body got any ideas how I can tidy up some bits of poor picking up of stitches on a neckline without having to undo it all.

What pattern are you following?
There are other kinds of collars that disguise the area where sts are picked up but you may not want that design.
Similar to this:

or a split like this:

I have to say that I have many times pulled out picked up sts on neckbands or buttonbands because they didn’t look right. In the end, it was worth it.


It’s a very simple neck . However the wool is awful and you cant see the pick ups . A couple of areas appear a bit bulky but most are ok

How about spritzing the area with water and gently pulling the neckline into shape, carefully steaming it through a cloth with an iron, or even blocking the item?

(Please check composition of your yarn first. These ideas would work with wool but if you have a blend, especially with acrylic, the technique would be different.)

Sometimes dampening and gently manipulating the fabric can resolve lumpiness or unevenness.

If that doesn’t help, could you post a photo? It sounds like maybe the yarn you are using has a texture to it, or is splitty, and that has made it hard to pick up the stitches neatly along the edge.

P.S. As salmonmac said, sometimes it takes a few goes to get picking up sts on a neckline right. As the neckline is “on view” right at the front of a garment, you may need to have another try if you aren’t satisfied with how it looks.