Poor grandmother

My dh is manager for one of the Goodwill stores here in Maine. He came home Friday and told me this story. He was working one day last week and this woman (early thirties he figured) came in and donated a beautiful handmade knit afghan and lamp shade that her grandmother had made for her. Apparently she didn’t like it. For my dh to say something is beautiful means that it really is, because he normally doesn’t notice things. So they marked them separately, and I’m not sure what the individual prices were, but together the cost was $80. A couple days later the grandmother (who made the items) came in to go shopping and spotted the items that she had made for her granddaughter. She asked if she could have the items back, and he gave them to her, but can you imagine what that poor woman felt to walk into Goodwill and see the items that she made for her granddaughter? :crying:

What a sad story, and what an inconsiderate granddaughter!!! We have this afghan that my husband’s grandmother knit- I think she knit it for his mother, and we aquired it at some point. This thing is UGLY- I think it was probably made in the late 60’s or early 70’s. Brown, orange, yellow and avacado green. It looks horrible, but I would never get rid of it, because I know that his grandmother made it!

That really sucks! I hope that grandmother lets her grandaughter know how much it hurt her to find what she made with love at Goodwill. And I hope she never bothers to make her anything, ever again.

that’s horrible!!! :evil: I coul never ever do that… I have a real problem with throwing away, giving away, using up, running out, etc things that people give me. I have note cards, lotions, candles, makeup, shampoo (lots of shampoo), chocolate long past gross, picture frames, string, buttons, pens, books, plastic dishes, games, clothing i will never ever wear because it’s too big, too small, or just uuuuugly… I have TONS nd TONS of stuff, and I just can’t get rid of it if someone gave it to me. Do you have any idea of how many freaking music note coffee mugs I have from my students??? I think at last count I had 57. FIFTY SEVEN MUGS!!! I broke one last year, and I felt HORRIBLE about it.

That woman needs her attitude adjusted.

:frowning: Oh my goodness that is just awful. It amazes me how cold-hearted people can be, especially to their own family.

I do hope grandma has that afghan on display at her house the next time her granddaughter comes over. Ya know I have an afghan in my house with those exact same ugly colors…Orange, brown, avocado, and yellow. I have had that thing every since i was a little girl and i can NOT imagine EVER getting rid of it. it is even made with RED HEART! (:wink: ) because that is what grandma always used. it is proudly displayed in my house with my other family treasures. that is one fear i have of making things for people that i love. i hate the idea that they won’t love it as much as i do and stick it in a closet somewhere or even worse…give it to goodwill! :verysad:

So sad :frowning:

Oh to be a fly on the wall when the granddaughter realizes what happened!

:mad: That’s OUTRAGOUS!!! My goodness we have a truly ugly afghan that my late mother-in-law made for us that we keep out and use on cold winter nights, not out of guilt but because we know that it was made with love for us. I agree with brendajos, Grandma should have these items out when her most ungrateful granddaughter visits, although I wonder if this woman would even care. Obviously she was not trained properly. I hope my grandchildren would never do anything like that with something I’ve made for them.

Nadja :XX:

Oh, I am so glad I wasn’t alone in feeling horrible for the grandmother. I hope she does put them out when her granddaughter visits.

Tell your husband to tell the grandmother I will gladly redraft her will for her to leave the granddaughter out :smiley: :twisted:

That is horrible! My heart would be so broken if the kids ever did that to me. :crying:

Dumb girl!! I have the last quilt my grandmother made. While it isn’t her best work and the colors wouldn’t go in my home, I cherish it because it was made by her and I’ll never have an opportunity to have another.

If she had been a little brighter, she might have packed it away for posterity. :?eyebrow:

OMGoodness!!! How horribly atrocious!!! I absolutely treasure the quilt that my mom made me, I could NOT imagine someone giving away a handmade item…nevermind something that was made by a grandmother :shock: And then … to walk in the store and find it… I would be shattered :shock:

That is just heartbreaking. I hope the grand-daughter gets hers. And Jeremy, I hope you get a call from the grandmother! :twisted:

What a CAD!~~! :evil:

Do hope granddaughter sees it at grandma’s next time she visits.

I am STILL using (though it’s virtually in tatters) a blanket that mom made for me over 35 years ago! It’s just so snuggly & soft!


I’m sad for those two people. I wonder if their relationship was sour long before the first visit to Goodwill. That is a sad story.

My mom goes to the open air markets in Phoenix and there’s a lot of goodwill type booths and flea markets along with farmer’s market tables etc. She has found soooo many good quality practically new baby clothes for my nephew and some with the original tags still on them. she has found some books and such that she has picked up and has come across a few that will have written in them “Happy 5th Birthday, Love Grandma” on them and it just breaks her heart. I can see stuff that you buy and can’t keep forever, but if someone personalizes it… how can you get rid of it. I have about 10 “nice” pop up and heavy board books I got as a child from g’mas and g’pas that they wrote in. when i thought they had all disappeared in the many moves from home to college and through my parent’s divorce, when my dad moved one last time and i got my own house and got back all my stuff and found those books… i wept for joy because these were books i learned to read with. I even have a little sorry lookin’ little cone shaped christmas tree i made from construction paper for my neighbor lady (2nd mom) when I was about 8 that she gave back to me the christmas before she passed away from cancer. she asked me to never throw it away… the sorry little thing is barely held together with tape and i will never EVER get rid of it because she loved it so much. i grew up with her daughters and they tell me she kept more of my handmade cards and silly things than of theirs (but they were glad because they all claim they had no talent…posh!). DH can let go of things like that, but even he has his g’ma’s sugar shaker and protects it from any possibility of breakage (not allowed to set in on top of the stove’s sort of shelfy area…)
Bad granddaughter…why to so many people under-appreciate a handmade item…so many people think it’s a waste of time to make a blanket when buying one is cheaper. Brat! :rollseyes:

I have quite a few of those “ugly” blankets. But you have to remember back in the 70’s those were some cool colors. Nothing like, yellow, orange, brown and green together.

My kids love these blankets and sleep with them at night because it makes them feel closer to my Nana who passed two years ago.

I hope they always feel that way regardless of the color of the blanket.

:shock: That’s so awful!

As I’ve mentioned before, my mom is a master knitter…I have gobs of things (mostly sweaters) that she knit for me growing up, and there is no way I could get rid of them. Even though they’re out of style, they are masterpieces! Most of them are in a plastic bin in storage, but I can’t part with them…especially now that I’m a knitter and I can truly understand how much work went into them.

to that granddaughter…