Poor DH & other non-knitting SO's

So I pull out my blocking board this past weekend; DH only saw the box it came in months ago & asked what it was then. I said “a blocking board” & that was the end of the conversation. When he saw it all over the dining room table, he said “what is that??” I said “a blocking board, you saw the box when it came.” He said “I thought that was some more yarn called blocking board!” :roflhard: :roflhard: Poor man. He gets the yarn, he just doesn’t get all the accessories.

:roflhard: sometimes I’m glad I don’t have a SO =P

Oh my gosh…that was funny. My husband tries to act as though he’s right with it all, which is just as funny. He once explained to my granddaughter, who I had just sent to the porch to get my DP’s, that those are the ones that look like a fork. I couldn’t stop laughing…


My DH tries so hard too :smiley: And I love him to death for it. I can hold a conversation with him about knitting now. Which is a good thing too, because before he went out of the way to understand the terminology, he would just stare at me like I’m crazy.

Today will be the true test though… I sent him after a pair of DPNs for me. Just waiting to see what he comes back with…

My SO still calls anything to do with yarn “yarning”. Doesn’t matter if I have a hook or needles in my hands. :lol:

Hahaha I forgot too, I bought the new S&B crochet book, the happy hooker and my father in law happened to see the cover in my knitting bag. He has not let me live it down since. Every time I see him, without fail, the first thing out of his mouth is “how’s the hooker?!?!?” LOL He’s great though, that’s his sence of humor for ya. Well, there was that one time at his birthday party that he introduced me to his neighbor as his daughter in law, the hooker and then just left without any further explaination and I was beet red trying to explain to this guy that he’s talking about my crochet habit. :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

That is too good!!! My DH puts up with my knitting. He asks about somethings but doesn’t remember much but he does try.

He is unusually good at knowing how much I spend. Last Friday when I went to the yarn store and I came home he looked at everything and said so you spent about $150 then? :oops: It was $156.47 - he’s too good.

At least he wasn’t mad - he can be quite an enabler, which is great! :wink:

Then, when he comes home, you’re going to rush right back here and tell us, right? Right?

A while back my daughter wrote a little piece for her blog that went

“What if we talked to men about knitting, like they talked to us about cars…?” I’m thinking we’d sound a little like this…

I don’t think my husband realized how much yarn could cost when he made me a deal that I could buy enough yarn to fill the snowcat he was buying. I think I could spend a good deal more on yarn to fill it than he spent on the snowcat :roflhard: On the other hand, he knows what a bargain shopper I am and I suspect he knew I wouldn’t be able to buy too much yarn at full price, and that it would be at least half full of reclaimed yarn.

Mama Bear

You guys with SOs who at least try to “get it” are so lucky! My DS doesn’t understand at all why I knit, but he does know I really get pleasure from it and so he’ll try to come up with challenges for me to create for him. And then absolutely appreciates the FOs. My DD sort of appreciates my FOs and tries half-heartedly to learn. But she’s 13 and knitting is only for when she’s desperately bored. My DH doesn’t get it at all! He whines that I want the light on to knit, rolls his eyes if I talk about knitting, and has no appreciation for the things I’ve made for him. (So I’ve stopped that!) The only good thing is he doesn’t complain about the money. I wish he had some interest, or at least understanding.

Sorry. I’ll go get the cheese to go with my fine whine!

It’s funny to read–one’s hubby complains about the cost, and likes the knitting ok, one doesn’t complain about the money, but can’t stand the knitting talk, light, ANYTHING!

I can’t really say I can hold a conversation about knitting with my dh, but he knows I love it, and was very comfortable buying me knitting items for Christmas (WHEN I made a list!!!) :wink: He did say one time that it was amazing to see a sock come out looking like a “real sock” on those chopstick needles! :rollseyes: :rollseyes:

But I cannot complain–we both talk to each other about things that don’t interest the other, but we do make the appropriate noises as the other one talks. We REALLY listen when there’s something important! I mean, after almost 40 years, if you cannot do that, you probably haven’t been married 40 years! :smiley:

The only thing is the money thing–and I have to handle the checkbook and pay the bills, although he’s the only one who works…and it’s always been this way. He’s entirely NON- materialistic, and he’s generous to a fault, can’t say NO to ANY “charitable donation callers”–even when I ask him to ask what percent of our money really gets to the Firefighters, etc!! All he wants is to not get too much in debt bacause he will be retiring in a few years and we didn’t start a 401K til about 5 years ago—yes, it was dumb–he just didn’t know!!

So, I have to police myself…[size=1][/size]it’s[size=1] just that sometimes I’m the good cop, and sometimes I’m the BAD cop!!![size=7][/size].

cough :oo:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

OOoooooooh, I have to show this to my SO!

Substitute the car/knit references for fighter jets and that’s exactly how he sounds :lol:

:rofling: my dh trys we only have wally world in our town so I asked him if he would find me some circs needle size8s circ size 16s he works in Columbus so I figured he could find them there… he came home with size 8s but circs were 29" :rofling: I couldn’t tell him they wouldn’t work for a hat… so I just did it on DPNs and used them for scarf… he actually tells me my yarn obsession is alot better than what the boyds obsession use to be so he is proud of me… :oops: skeins are alot easier to hide in a purse than a bear :oops: :rofling: :roflhard: kidding :wink:

My DH appreciates any hobby of mine that doesn’t p!ss me off if something goes wrong… usually this happens in the beginning, I get better and then he reminds me of how mad I used to get and imitates it to an exaggerated state for people when it’s totally not what I’m like now. :rollseyes:

and that car thing is totally like my dh with cars/boats/RC anything/computers etc

He was with me at a lys in Mpls at Christmas and saw a swift and asked if “this is the thing you want to get for winding your yarns into skanks?”

whenever i have a question of a technical nature about the car, he goes into this whole diatribe of the entire history of the combustion engine and Henry Ford and the first assembly line…blah blah
Thanks hun, just wanted to know what size wiper blades to get…

Oh goodness. Dh was looking over my shoulder during this thread, and just wanted me to let you all know he knit half a blanket! HA! It was on the sweater machine the night before Grace was born. And um, that’s all he’s knit since.

<giggle> He also will say “Oh you gotta knitting problem, I can fix it give it here!” Heh, yeah right! LOL He is a goof ball, I love him.

My dh doesn’t get it at all, but he does humor me.

Yesterday at the LYS I witnessed probably the best example of a husband humoring/encouraging/supporting his wife’s foreign habit. This couple was in there looking at yarn forever, and he was trying valiantly to help her figure out what she needed. After they had made some progress, he kissed her on the cheek and said, “Okay, I’m going to go wait in the car. Stay in here as long as you need, buy as much as you want, and have a good time.” :shock: :shock: :shock:

It was a beautiful thing. :lol:

I want that man!!! :roflhard: