Poor, cold teddybears need sweaters

Greetings knitters all :hug:! In addition to knitting (& crocheting & painting -oil & watercolor- & sewing & embroidery & … everything except housework, I guess:eyes:), I also make teddy bears. :teehee:Very small teddy bears ranging up to 6" or 8" in height. I have one pattern for a teddybear sweater - but like most such, it is not very adaptable. I find teddybears need larger neck openings and have not yet been able to find any cardigans. :?? Do you have some, or ones that might be adapted to fit a very small teddy bear? Pls send to Teddy_Bear_Monger@att.net (muchas gracias, vielen dank, etc. in advance!)

Have you tried the BICO cardigan? It’s written for a bulky weight yarn, to fit a 6 mo old. If you switch to crochet cotton (or even a lace weight yarn) and a hook the right size for it, I’d be willing to bet it’d come out about the right size for a teddy bear. It’s also easy enough to adjust the size after you’ve made the first one, and understand how the measurements all work together.

I’ve also seen another child’s sweater, crocheted in two T shapes, then stitched together along the side seams and across the tops of the shoulders. That gives you the ability to make the hole opening any size you need. Once you figure it out, you can even make it in one piece instead of two.


Have you looked at this page:[U]
and not to seem like a shopping enabler:

for sources for teddy bear sweaters.

PS. Maybe you could alter an infant’s kimono sweater jacket pattern. You can try Lion Brand Yarns for a free pattern.

The Pattern generator here will produce teddy sweater patterns made to measure. Just Plug in the measurements.