Pooping mallard pattern? - GOT IT

My great aunt used to make these great ducks for Easter that little holes in their bums so that when you squeezed them they “pooped” a jellie bean. I recently asked for the pattern (it may have been crochet) and it was lost in a house fire. Has anyone heard of such a thing?

Hi There,
May i say that while i like to make toys and i have many patterns ,

I have never come across this pattern.
LOL sounds pretty disgusting though, Might scare the kids.
Seriously though! , sorry i can’t help, But if you come across it i would love to know what the pattern is .:slight_smile:
Good Luck

I can’t help you with the pattern; my SIL sprinkles chocolate covered raisins around the house for the grandkid to find raindeer poop— they love it!!. What little boys find thrilling!!

My grandmother made the same thing one easter, and if memory serves me right it is a crochet pattern. A pattern for a the duck can be found here: http://crafterscommunity.com/view/21. I hope that is what you’re looking for.

YOU ARE AWESOME !!! I do believe that sounds like the right duck. Of course, now I’ll need to learn to crochet :passedout: When’s Easter this year… March 23rd… let’s see if I finish my scarf & mittens, 2 prayers shawls, 2 cross stitches and then crochet a duck a week…

I made one before - it was crochet. I think mine is a baby chick.

Good luck with the learning to crochet, and I’m glad I could be of some help.