I have just received some Lorna’s Laces as a gift and looked up the yarn on Ravelry to do some research on it. Several people mentioned that it pools. And I was wondering… what is pooling? It seems like everyone knows what that means except me lol. :teehee: Also, for those of you who have used Lorna’s Laces, have you had trouble with this?

I haven’t used Lorna’s Laces, but pooling is when the colors pool in spots rather than strip or have a more variegated look.

Pooling can sometimes happen with selfstriping yarn that instead of stripes you get puddles or splotches of just one color. Sometimes that can create a nice effect; most people don’t like it. It depends on the pattern and the yarn, doesn’t always happen.

Yes, have wondered what “pooling” meant myself… thanks for the courage to ask for the rest of us!! :rofl:

But I have considered getting some of the same yarn, so hope folks will tell us if that is common…

Lorna’s Laces has soo many pretty colorways! I have read about many people complaining about it, but I don’t think it would bother me too much though. I guess I’ll just have to think of it as making a hand knit sock even more unique with the way the colors pool. Anyways, at least I’m not alone wondering what pooling is. I felt kinda silly asking that question at first. :slight_smile: