Poofy Portuguese Fisherman's Sweater size small

Portuguese Fisherman’s Crewneck - raglan sleeve - size small

[B]gauge[/B]: 12 rows of K1-P1 rib = 3"; 12 stitches K1-P1 rib = 4"
8 stitches stockinette (cable) = 2½"
5 rows of cluster rib = 2"; 6 cluster ribs (pattern) = 6"
[B]size 10½ needles; worsted weight yarn two strands worked together [/B] I used 5 skeins of Red Heart super saver, rose pink, and had a lot left over.
-or sizes to produce gauge-

[B]Cluster Rib Verso Pattern[/B]: K1, (YO,K2,pass YO over 2k & off,K1) 6 times
[B]Cluster Rib Front Pattern[/B]: P1,(K2,P1) 6 times

  • for sleeves, cluster stitch is worked only 5 times -

cast on 58 stitches;
work K1-P1 ribbing for 11 rows

[B]row 12 (increase row[/B]):
K4, P1,(K1front&back,P1)6 times,
repeat -, repeat !-!, repeat -, K4 (81 sts)
[B]row 13[/B]: P4, CRVP, P8, CRVP, P8, CRVP, P4
[B]row14:[/B] K4, CRFP, K8, CRFP, K8, P1, CRFP, K4
[B]repeat rows 13 & 14 for 12" (30 rows)[/B] or desired length to armhole; starting with row 20 & every 8 rows thereafter:
work [B]cable twist[/B] in k8 bands: place first four stitches on holder, knit remaining four stitches, transfer stitches from holder to left needle and knit
[B]at armhole [/B] dec 1 st either end next two rows (73 sts)
[B]from armhole decrease on:[/B]
work stockinette for 3 stitches each end; dec 1 st each end between stockinette and pattern being sure to preserve pattern until only center pattern set remains, ending on right side with an even number of stitches (18 sts);
work 6 rows K1-P1 rib (starting on wrong side); bind off in rib

[B]Front: [/B]work same as back

[B]Sleeves[/B]: cast on 28,
as per body, odd rows are verso, even rows are front
work K1-P1 rib; incr 1 each end on row 11 (30 st)
[B]row 12[/B]: (increase row-front) K2, P1, (K1 front&back,P1)5 times, K4 front&back, repeat -, K2
[B]note: CRPV & CRFP for sleeves have only 5 cluster stitches[/B]
[B]row 13[/B]: P2, CRVP, P8, CRVP, P2
[B]row 14:[/B] K2, CRFP, K8, CRFP, K2
repeat rows 13 & 14 for 12" (30 rows) or desired sleeve length
[B]on row 20 and every 8 rows thereafter[/B]:
increase one stitch each end and [B]work cable twist[/B]
when there are ten stockinette stitches at each end, work even until desired sleeve length, ending on back of work
decrease to match front and back pieces
[B]next 2 rows[/B]: dec 2 st each end
[B]raglan sleeve decrease rows[/B]:
dec 1 st each end being careful to keep pattern, work in pattern across
repeat until only 6 stockinette stitches are left
work 6 rows K1-P1 rib; bind off in rib
join seams; if desired, stitch elastic thread through back of neck & cuff