Poofing hat; also cotton yarn

So I started on this hat, using magic loop on a 40" cable. The ribbing (K1P1) came out very well–I’m quite proud of it! Now that I’ve moved on to the body of the hat (I’ve done about 3" or so past the ribbing) I’m finding that the diameter has expanded. This is to be expected, some, since I used a size smaller needle for the ribbing. But the diameter has expanded and is curling toward the outside. (This is the infamous “stockinette curling” phenomenon" I assume?)

Is this normal? The stitching seems to be OK…it’s fairly even and there don’t seem to be any gaps or looseness in it. The only reason I’m a bit annoyed with it is that it’s significantly cut down the amount of cable available for “looping”, so I’m having to be careful that the loop doesn’t “disappear” as I knit around, and it can pull the stitch apart at the two “looping” points at the beginning of the round and halfway around.

My other, unrelated, question, has to do with cotton yarn. I just started a dishrag with Sugar & Cream yarn. It seems I have to keep the tension on this much tighter than with the wool blend, in order to keep the stitches even. and not sagging all over the place. Is this typical? Any words of advice on working with this type of yarn?

Could you have accidentally added some stitches? It is normal for it to be larger after the ribbing because ribbing pulls in, but it shouldn’t take up a 40 inch cable. :?? The curling part will (or should) take care of itself because you are going to finish off the top of the hat so it won’t have a chance to curl.

If nothing has changed stitch count wise I would just continue with it. It will probably be just fine.

I can’t answer the hat part…but…I’ve noticed that cotten yarn is a bit more slippery for me, and I need to increase the tension. I think it’s just a normal side effect of the yarn.

If the stitch number hasn’t changed, it’s probably just the stitches being relaxed and spreading. You’ll be decreasing for the crown, so it should look a lot better.

Thanks for the suggestions… I am forging ahead. I have not added stitches. (I’m fairly compulsive about counting along to make sure Im’ not increasing or decreasing by mistake.)

I believe I figured out what is going on… at least partially. When I would finish up half a round, I’d have an empty needle to the left. I would then push that needle back into the stitches on that side. In doing so, I was letting the cable push the stitches on the back farther out and away. I have started instead pulling the cable through from the back, and things are much more compact now.