Ponytail hat

I would like to knit a ponytail hat…just a simple hat with a hole in the back for my ponytail. does anyone know of any patterns for free or sale? thank you !!! :heart:

okay i knew this one was out there but it isn’t really what you are looking for…it is a pig tails hat :wink:

I have made a hat for my daughter, but it had an opening on the top, is that a ponytail?

thank you for your replies!!! :smiley:

I am looking for a ponytail hat pattern too! I saw the pigtail one, but need one for a ponytail either going out the top, or the back.


There’s this one


But you gotta pay.

Looks like she just made a regular ole hat with a hole in it :shrug:

[color=indigo]I’ve made a few ski hats like that (in the round). I just put a hole (eyelet) where I wanted right above the ribbing. It got a lot of comments.


Exactly as Landolphe says.
Use any hat pattern that appeals to you and make a buttonhole at the level of your ponytail – high or low. Bingo, done. You don’t need a special pattern for everything you want to make…

Well I didn’t make an eyelet hole, but a button hole. But made it too big, will have to be for someone with a lot of hair! When I got to where I wanted the hole, I cast off twelve and knitted around til I got there again and then cast back on 12. Will not do as much the next time! This one all most looks like it could be a hole for a newborns face!

lol lol lol xxx

[color=indigo]Hi Joan,

Well, sounds like you did it! :cheering: Of course, it may be a bit like a mail slot, instead of a hole. :teehee: But you can always whipstitch it close down to p-tail size.


What about Piggle?