Pony Tail Hat and Wristwarmers

Made with Paton’s SWS. Cute, fun, fast, and EASY!

WOW! Love the colorway , They look great :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Love the colors!

Looks great!

:happydance: I love that… great yarn choice :thumbsup:

Cute. I love the color.

Both look great! I love the colors.


I :heart: the colorway! It worked great with the patterns, so pretty!

How fun! May I ask where you got the pattern from? This might be a little gross, but my daughter’s class has a head lice problem, and thankfully so far she’s hasn’t caught it. I’ve been putting her hair in ponytails since then, but she complains she can’t get her hat on for recess - this would be PERFECT and she could probably wear it in class too! Thank you!

Cute idea! I have never seen a pony tail hat before. Beautiful yarn too.

<Nathalie squeals in delight>

How awesome! I often wear my hair in a ponytail to soccer games. This is just awesome. The yarn is so pretty! :inlove:

Please post the link for the pattern, if it’s free. :muah:

So pretty!


Those are really pretty! What a great hat idea! Love it.

That is a great hat, Shelley! :thumbsup:

What a great idea!!! I would LOVE a pony tail hat pattern. I have long hair and seldom wear a hat because I always have it pulled back in a pony tail.

Cute! Looks like they fit great too.

Looks wonderful :heart:

What a cute idea for a hat! I love the colors too!