Pony Express Museum


Hello, My name is Melissa and my son and his kindergarten class went on a field trip to the “Pony Express Museum” in St. Joseph, Missouri. http://www.ponyexpress.org/
At the end of the tour, they have a play area for kids to play dress up and play with period type toys (ish). Me being a knitter, I noticed that the shawls that the girls were putting on were real ratty and needed replaced. I was hoping some of you would like to help knit some child size triangle shawls with fringe, or capes to donate to the Pony Express Museum??
If you would like to, and need the address to send them, contact me. Or you can send them to me and I will box them up and
take them there myself.

Thank You,
Melissa Hahn


Melissa, I would love to make one. How many inches across the wide edge should the triangle be? Washable? Colors? Yarn weight ?


Im not sure about the size…someone once told me to use the hight of the person and make it that size long for a triangle shawl…so im guessing prob around 4’ (ish)and some sort of meshy kind of solid pattern? with fringe…The fringe is what the girls liked about them in my sons class.
The women liked their shawls to be pretty but practical in the pioneer days, and the girls dressed like their mommas…so just a solid meshy kind of pattern.

I would say any color, but women didnt have many materials or time to make many shawls so most were made to match all of their dresses.
But these arent the pioneer days…and theres access to many more colors. so do whatever color you want…LOL

Id say definatly washable, I HOPE they wash them periodically, every tour that goes thro there gets a stop at the dress up barn…LOL

Worsted, cheap, yarn is best. These kids throw them on and then they are thrown back in a big box of dress up clothes…which is prob why they look the way they do.

I think its great that they have this option for kids to dress up like the people they were just shown about! Im makeing 2 shawls and I hope that someone can make a poncho too… im using the 4’ theory. if you have a 6-8yo handy…try it on them or if you dont, just wing it…LOL The admin will be thrilled to get these no matter what color shape or size!!


Thanks ! I am going on a trip next week and this sounds like perfect airplane knitting !!! Thanks for the information, I think I will try to use pretty colors that would have been used in “those days”! Will get your address when I get one finished.


According to the internet, the Pony Express ran from 1860 to 1861. So I did a search on Google for “1860 Shawl”, and got these results.

Looks like the shawls they wore had every color imaginable! Lots of the shawls were imported from other countries -they were quite the fashion statement.


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