Pondering: cotton or acrylic yarn for dishclothes

So I want to do my part and be a little “greener” this year so I’ve decided that I’m going to give up using sponges and make myself some dishclothes. my only problem is I’m torn on if I want to use cotton or acrylic yarn that I have in my stash. Help!!!

ALWAYS COTTON. That way they can double as pot holders. Acrylic yarn can melt if its under high heat.

Absolutely cotton, acrylic doesn’t soak up the water the same way. I think the caution about acrylic melting is too much, though; I’ve used acrylic hot pads for years and they only melt if laid on a hot burner or too close to a flame.

Agreed. Cotton is the way to go. :thumbsup:

thanks all! Of to JoAnn’s I go this weekend

It depends on how abrasive you want the washcloth to be. I have both and use both. I also use scrubbiesalot too. Or have fun looking thro here for different scrubbies and things to make for the kitchen

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