Poncho Viva from One Skein

Hi all,

I have two 50g balls of Twilley of Stamford Freedom Spirit in color 507 Essence and I have no idea what to do with them. :shrug:

I was thinking a hat, but I have a lot of hats. then I was thinking a felted bag, but it wouldn’t be very big… then I thought a long skinny scarf or a felted belt, but figured that wasn’t practical.

Soooo… I got looking through 1 skien wonders and came accross the Poncho Viva on page 79 for those of you who have the book. It calls for worsted weight, and this is 100% wool, and worsted. I’m wondering if you think it would work nicely for this? It is a very lacy pattern for a wool isn’t it? I dunno… I’ve never knit a shawl or poncho before! I think I will leave this as a regtangular shawl though… but maybe not. I think it would look cute with Jeans in the colorway that I have, over a black turtle neck or even in the summer in the evenings.

Help please!!! :muah:

It is a beautiful yarn. Is it soft or mostly best for felting?

It is really really soft. If I had enough of it I would make something for next to skin. :slight_smile:

but alas… I have only 2 balls…thus my problem! I could get more balls, but they wouldn’t be the same dyelot. So I want to do something with these two. Lets call it Stash busting!!! :slight_smile:

Anyone have any advice or comments here? I don’t want to waste this gorgeous yarn if you think it isn’t going to look right!


Wonderful yarn, I am using the Freedom 100% wool right now. I just looked and the freedom spirit has 120 yards…you might be able to get a lovely felted purse if you look for the right one…however, since the yarn is light weight a shawl or poncho would be lovely. Make up your own pattern…all you have to do is knit two rectangles and sew one end to the side of the other and then do the same thing in reverse on the other end.

Have fun.