Poncho Problems

My mum wants me to make this poncho for her


which is fabulous, I love it, the only problem is that my knitting teacher was going to help me with it and in Argentina they dont use cable needles! would it be impossible to change it into a pattern using straight needles? I dont care if the poncho is exactly the same it is just the style we are going for.

The tricky part is just comming up with the cabling pattern in the center of the poncho- the rest I could probably just guess and it wouldnt be to bad but I was hoping for a little advice from ye who know.

You really don’t need a “cable needle” to do cables. You can use a DPN, a pencil or anything like that to hold the stitches you are crossing. You also might do a search for cabling without cable needle…there are a few explanations of how to do it using just your two regular needles.

I don’t even own a cable needle.

But were you talking about circular needles? I can’t get the link to come up.