Poncho pattern with sleeves?

I am looking for a poncho pattern with sleeves/roll type neck…! has anyone seen a pattern like this?
thanks for any help!

I don’t know of any free ones, but here’s one that the author of Fluffa! made


thats it! thats the poncho my friend was looking for! thank you sooooo much!

I wouldn’t think something like that would be my style, but it’s growing on me. She has a lot of nice things on her site. Bookmarked for future reference!

Fluffa! is one of my favorite blogs. :smiley:

I went through all of her pics of the stuff she has made. Lots of stuff that I would wear and lots of stuff that I would let my 18 month old son wear too. I love her style!

Yeah, nice blog! She’s FUNNY too! I got a huge giggle out of the picture of her wearing her poncho/sweater. What a great sense of humor. :lol: