Poncho Pattern seems to wide

I am knitting a poncho pattern for a child. The pattern says child 2-6 yrs old.
16 st= 4" worsted weight yarn size 9 needles

The pattern calls for starting at neck with 84 stitches and increasing 8 stitches every row with an increase that is k1-p1-k1 into a single stitch you do this 4 times each row until it measures what you want. Pattern says she made it to 14".

That is what I want to make it to. The only problem is I think that if I keep increasing 8 stitches every row the poncho is going to grow way too big. I am only at 3" and it already 36" wide. It is making a beautiful scallop but if I keep going this is going to get way too wide. Does anyone have any suggestions.
The original spacing between the increases started at every 20 stitches.
According to the pattern the first row became 92 stitches and the second row became 100 stitches and this continues until the end increasing each row.
I am at 6" and I have 213 stitches already on the needle.

The instructions say rep last 2 rows working ST st and increasing in center st of previous increases.
Am I reading something wrong?
This is a free pattern on the internet.

Look at the inc instructions again, it shouldn’t be increasing 8 sts [I]every[/I] round, it’s probably every other one. Especially the ‘rept last 2 rows’, there would be an inc row alternating with a plain row. When it’s talking about increasing in the center of the previous incs, it means the inc 2 rows below, not the row just below.

It cannot be every other one that would work out too wide as well. Every 2 row increase is 4"
If I calculate it according to 16 sts=4" and 20 rows = 4" I think I should repeat the increases rows every 8 rows that would give me a total bottom width of 50" which I think would be right? I am not knitting in rounds but by rows with a seam.

Do the incs at the frequency you need to get the size you want. However, I think increasing every 8 rows is too far apart, your math is wrong - each single inc row adds 8 sts or 2" in width. To get to 14" you need 70 rows.

If you inc every 8 rows that’s only 9 inc rows which adds just 18" to the 21" you started with would be a width of 39".
If you inc every 6 rows, thats 11-12 rows which will add 22-24" to the 21" and is 44-45" around.

If you do it every 4 rows that’s about 17 inc rows and 34" added makes it about 55" which is closer to what you want.

Do you have a link to the pattern?

Is this a free pattern or is it in a book or magazine so we can look at it if we own it?

thank you for your help.:thumbsup:
:cheering: I love this site always get the answers I need.