Poncho Pattern Question

I’m a newish knitter and have been continuously knitting scarves and hats for a good six months. I think I have enough of them to get both my dh and I through winter without having to wear the same ones twice :smiley: I love them all but I’m ready for something new and exciting.

I have the Debbie Bliss Seven Pattern book and fell in love :inlove: with the “Isabella” poncho. I started on said poncho and I’m REALLLLLLLLLY Confused! My question is this, how many rows am I supposed to do the st st on? The only info I have for the pattern is this:

Actual Measurements: Length to center at front 19 1/14 in
Materials - 10 sk of SoHo
1 pr size 9 needles

To Make (Make 2)
Cast On 160 sts
K 1 row
Beg with a knit row, work in st st, shaping as follows
1st row (RS) K1, sko, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1
2nd row P to end
rep the last 2 rows until 66 sts rem, ending with a rs row.
K 1 row
cast off.

I have all the right stuff, and cast on the 160 sts - and followed the above. I created the worlds smallest half of a poncho utilizing less than 1/2 of a skein of yarn. I’m doing something really really wrong. :shock:

I think Im missing something. Any suggestions? Am I destined to only knit scarves and hats forever???

From what I can see, you’re decreasing a total of 94 stitches, two on each right side row,one at each end, so you should be working 94 rows in st st. Is this what you have?

Plus you have to make 2.

Not really. I wasnt sure how many rows to do so I just followed what was written and stopped when I realized what was going on. I think I did maybe 8 rows tops! HAHA! :roflhard: So, I frogged it and wound it back into a ball. How did you come up with the 94? And do I do the 94 st st rows and then decrease with the pattern?

You start with your 160 stitches, right?

You end up with 66. 160-66=94

So over the course of the work, you’ll be decreasing 94 stitches, 2 on each k row.

So you’ll have 47 knit rows plus 47 purl rows=94 rows total.

Ahhhhhhh! I see! We need an emoticon with a lightbulb!
Thanks for your help Ingrid.

:idea: There ya go!

Here’s another one… :figureditout:

I even missed that one! I guess I never saw the lightbulb pop up!

I also figured out what my challenge on the pattern was- I was repeating the decrease all the way across the row…duh!!
Thanks again ladies for your help!