Poncho Neck: Unsure about neck opening size

Hi Again,

Still working on my turtleneck poncho and wondering about the following:

((Link: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/kwe-poncho.html))

Working on the [COLOR=blue]Neck Opening[/COLOR] the pattern states:

[COLOR=blue]Work even until neck opening measures 7 1/2", end with a WS row.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]I either went a little too far, or not far enough because my neck opening measures about 10" after 13 rows. (Using very bulky yarn as called for.) However, the opening I now have would obviously never fit over my head.[/COLOR]

Then I checked ahead in the pattern for the [COLOR=blue]Turtleneck /COLOR and it states:

[COLOR=blue]With RS facing and 16" circular needles, pick up 60 sts evenly around neck opening. Join and work in rounds of k2, p2 rib for 4", etc. etc.[/COLOR]

I counted the stitches I have with the opening size of about 10" and there are only 26 sts. Do I keep knitting until I have at least 60 stitches (30 rows)?? That seems it would be more in line with a bigger opening.
So, now I’m wondering if the pattern means that the rows should be about 7 1/2" long which would give me a total opening of 15". Does that make more sense or am I missing something obvious??

Thanks again for all the great help,
Lee Lee

you are decreasing and then will end with the turtleneck? You want the neck circle to be about 7.5 inches in diameter - which should actually give you an opening of between 21 aND 22 INCHES.