Pompom Question


I recently made a bunch of toddler hats, with pompoms (made with a pompom maker) on them. I noticed afterwards that the individual pieces of yarn can be pulled out, as the only thing securing the strands is a piece of yarn pulled tightly around the center. I’m just worried (possibly a bit too much) that this could be a safety concern.

Is this normal for a pompom (i.e. nothing to worry about). Or, if the yarn needs to be secured better, any suggestions?

Thank you!

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The hats are beautifully done with the perfect topper.
That strand around the middle needs to be really tight. It helps to tie it by making the usual overhand knot then putting the yarn over and through a second time. I find that I need to use an acrylic yarn to tie the strands of the pompom together because the acrylic will take the force of tightening. You can test the pompom by trying to pull out one of the short strands of yarn.

Thank you! I will give that a try.

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