Pomatomus Socks


Several of us are going to be making the Pomatomus socks from Knitty…

I am using Lisa Souza Sock Merino in Mars Quake.

So far I have 1 more row of the cuff on sock 1 to do then I’m going to try the pattern …

Feel free to join in …

I finished one Pomatomus before I started my Sockatine Sock Swap socks, and still need to finish the pair. So what did I do? I cast on for another Pomatomus in a totally different yarn :shifty:

Pair 1 will be knit from STR lightweight in Jasper:

Pair 2 will be knit from Koigu KPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPM in a blue colorway:

I adore this pattern! :cheering:

Can I join in???

I’ve got some Regia sock yarn in Denim - I’ll just go check it’s weight and yardage to see if I’ve got enough!

Ok - I’ve got two 50g balls - each with 200m
The gauge on the balls says 7.5 sts per inch on size 2-3 needles

So I think I’m set - I should have enough yarn and I think my size 2.5 needles should do - and they’re in a set of 5 so :cheering:

I’ll try and cast on today sometime.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I’m joining in too, of course!!! :muah:

Amanda, thanks for setting up the KAL. I’m still wondering if I want to use the Mars Quake for it or not. I might use a different yarn.

For some reason, that Mars Quake keeps “screaming” for me to turn it into a lacy item near my face. I just can’t get enough of that Lisa Souza softness!!!

I have lots of other sock yarn to choose from: 3 different colors of Wildfoote, several skeins of Knit Picks Palette, and some laceweight merino as well. Decisions, decisions! :teehee:

I wanna play!!! But I HAVE to give at least one of my socks a mate first :pout:

:cheering: Ooh, ooh, me!

Should I use my Koigu or my Austerman Step? :thinking:

I’m leaning towards the Austerman…

I’m knitting them for my mom (for her birthday, she doesn’t know), so I’d like to join as well. I’m doing the first patten-repeat, and so far I don’t know wether I like it with the variegated yarn I’m using, so maybe the’ll be frogged later and knitted with other yarn. I’ll post pics next monday, because mom isn’t home and I’ll be able to make pics without being afraid she’ll find out what I’m knitting.

I would join if I could knit from charts. :-x

Cate, this chart is very easy … it is just knit (tbl) purl k2tog and yarn over. After the first row I found I didn’t need to follow the chart stitch by stitch - I just looked at the first few stitches and it works itself out. Also because you are knitting in the round you are always going the same direction on the chart.

give it a go - i’m finding it easier than I thought I would.

I totally agree with amanda. This is the PERFECT way to learn to read charts. Just try it, you’ll see it isn’t half as hard as you’re expecting it to be.

Lieke, I do think this particular pattern looks better on some variegated yarns more so than on others. I think it almost looks best on a yarn with very subtle variations, or a monochromatic blend, even.

Charts are fun Cate…join the dark side!

I don’t believe you, Vendie. Anything that makes me go :mad: is NOT fun. :pout:
I’ve tried charts…I just get so very lost!

I don’t think the Mars Quake is going to work … I can’t see the pattern at all … it’s too dark :shrug:

I’m going to try a different yarn… just got to and check my stash…

Iam going to start my pair soon too, I have Lornas Laces in Watercolour for it.

Ooooo. perfect timing! I’m knitting them right now! I’m using Miss Babs sock yarn in Forest Afternoon, on two circs. I’ve finished the first pattern repeat and less than half way left for the second repeat.

The first 22 rows were a big ol’ pain, but I’ve got better now. All those twisted stitches…ugh…really slows me down.

:teehee: You have great taste, Laura! I was going to try this pattern in LL’s Watercolor too!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I got mine as a birthday gift from knitwit on here, and Iam mailing her Vera, Iam trying to get her to do this pattern too, but I think she decided on Monkey instead.

I’ve just completed the first 10 rows of ribbing on my first sock :cheering: