Pom Pom Yarn - Weaving in Ends

Any tips on weaving in the ends of Pom Pom yarn. I’ve had loads of knots in the yarn which I join at the end of rows. I’ve tried YouTube - lots of casting on/off techniques and how to knit using the yarn. Nothing specific on how to sew in the ends. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Jan

Hi, I’ve only used this yarn once before( novelty value, just had to try it) and I found the easiest way to weave the ends in was to fold a bobble inwards from the edge to the ‘knitted’ mesh between the bobbles, tie or knot the cord into the mesh, cut cord close to the next bobble and either weave that tail in as it is or (what I did) split the tail into strands and then weave them in. I made a toilet mat set and they’ve been machine washed and dried many times without any unravelling.
The only video I could find isn’t very clear but I’ve added the link anyway.
Hope this helps.

Linda’s suggestion sounds good. You could also take some sewing thread and tack down the end once it’s woven in.

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Trimmed Pom Poms on loose ends and then weaved that end in