Pom Pom problems!

I made some pom poms and the center lengths of yarn can pull out easily. I know I am supposed to tie the yarn tight in the center, and I thought I did so now what?


Tie it tighter??? (um, I guess that comment didn’t really help!) Here’s my 3 solutions:

Try using less “slippery” yarn.

Try using LESS wool - for a more sparse pom pom. Then the tie-up yarn will be tighter!

OR conversely, use MORE wool for a VERY DENSE pom pom, and the strands will press against each other. Then after you trim it, you can’t even single out any strands to pull.

Actually I think the Debbie Bliss chunky yarn is the problem. I think it is kind of thick and slippery. Too bad the pom pom are so adorable I would consider a different yarn if they wern’t!