POLL: which handles for this bag?!

OK, so I made this bag from Knit N Style. it still has to be blocked, so please excuse it not being square, or lined. I can’t decide on the handles. it is a long bag- about 8 inches wide by about 12 inches long, by about 4 inches deep. it will be lined. The pattern shows the bag with long leather handles (20 inch) but I’m afraid it will make the bag fall too low. I also have plastic clutch handles, but I’m not sure the proportions are right. What do you think?!


long handles:

short handles:

You are doing a great job. I think the short handles will work best.

Do you have a medium? I think it would work well as one of those that fit right under your underarm.

An [I][U]armpit bag??[/U][/I] lol :roflhard:

I think the short handles are out of proportion with the long bag. If you’re concerned about it hanging too low, then I’d go with debinoz and find a medium length handle.

I couldn’t make up my mind about the handle length ~ do you put your handles over your shoulder? how far does the bag hang?


The short handles look the best :wink: But the longer ones may suit the use better. I vote for the short handles, though. I’d think you’d better save the longer ones for a wider bag.