Poll: Socks...Prefer Toe Up or Down Method?

I just finished my 2nd sock, both my first (thanks to Silver ;)) and this one (Rainy Day Socks) were top down. I am officially addicted to knitting socks, and oh do they feel wonderful on the feet!

I haven’t tried toe ups but just saw someone on Knitty Gritty making one and I don’t think I’d like it. What is your favorite method?

I LOVE Silver’s Toe-Up Magic Loop tutorial. It was a lot easier than I thought and you can make the cuff as long/short as you want without worrying about running out of yarn!

Top down on double pointed needles all the way baby!!! In fact the only thing i have been knitting are socks… i have been crocheting everything else!

Toe-up for me, 2 at a time ML, even better.

The only way I’d do a cuff down sock is if I could do them both at the same time.

I don’t mind grafting but with toe-up socks I don’t have to.


I took a sock class where I started at the cuff on 1 circular needles, I still have not finished that sock.

I don’t know why, it was fun. I know everyone talks about Silvers Sock pattern and lessons, but I couldn’t see where she teaches with circulars, just double points.

Maybe I don’t go back to it because the pattern isn’t as easy without a teacher right there to help. Are there on line sites that offer tutorial on cuff down with circulars?

I do envy everyones socks, they are pretty. Someday.

I’ve tried one toe up pattern, but my feet are so wide that they had me start the foot before I the toe would fit my foot. I end up doing top down and don’t like doing cuffs longer than 6" and so I always have left over yarn anyway. I am curious to try Silver’s two toe up though.

I like knitting socks both ways. I only slightly prefer toe up, and I don’t even know why. I think they’re both about the same actually.

I picked undecided. I’ve never tried knitting toe up socks, so I can’t say if I like doing it or not over top down.

I have to say top up. I have knitted toe up a couple of times but I think you get a neater finish top first…I just love Peanuts looks just like my Shih Tzu Giddy…xx

Forgot to say that I have printed off the pattern for Rainy Day Socks and they just happen to be knitted in my favourite yarn Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Mmmmmmm

I also said undecided as I have only made cuff down socks

undecided for me to. I have not knit toe up yet, I am just now workin gon my first pair using 2 circ’s. I like that WAY better than DPN’s!! Next is to try toe up.

I like knitting them both ways. I really enjoy the turkish caston and making the toes for toe-up socks, but I really like the heel and gusset in top-down socks. Have not yet tried a flap and gusset for toe-up socks but I plan to!

I voted toe-up (2 @ a time) cuz I think it is easier to try them on as you go along and it easier to see where you want to stop the leg. Plus, if you’re running short on yarn you can determine your stopping point.

I tried the toe up method and ended up ripping it out. I didn’t like the short row toes, I didn’t like the way the wedge toe looked. And I REALLY hated the look of the short row heel. Maybe I just haven’t hit upon the right pattern yet.
So I voted for cuff down.

Toe up!!! When you are done, you are DONE!! :slight_smile:

I found this magic cast on way that is incredible. :slight_smile: Not short rows at all. It was tedious to try and learn, but I really worked on it, and got it, and I can “almost” do it from memory now. :slight_smile:

I’m a toe up sort of gal:happydance:
I like being able to try stuff on as I’m knitting. Partly because my body doesn’t seem to co-operate with patterns and partly because I like wandering about the house in half-knitted garments:eyes:

For those of you who do the toe up, what’s your method of caston? I saw the lady on KG do a 2-needle figure 8 cast-on.

That’s the one I’m most comfortable with. Thanks for the link to the KG pattern btw!

They’re neck 'n neck…any more votes to break the tie???