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I’m working on a “Very Cool Sock” for myself and have about 5" done. (Maybe 70 rows or so.) I’m loving it. Looks great, pretty easy. But when I picked it up to knit last night, I noticed a mistake. On one of the rows where you’re supposed to slip 2 w/ yarn on the inside, I did it with the yarn on the outside twice in a row. If it was a few rows back, no question, I’d frog without thinking about it. But it’s 25 rows back! (2 -3 hours, if I don’t mess up more frogging.) So, what would you do?

I know that’s a hard call…I was faced with something similar recently on a sock…I decided to frog and it was so traumatic that I put the sock down and haven’t picked it back up to finish…I can’t stand mistakes though. I know I’ll get back to it but just not at the moment.

I’d leave it. If it was “only” a sock and it would be hidden under my jeans.

But then again, do you really have to frog every stitch on these 25 rows if you want to correct it? Would you be able to fix it by dropping stitches and work your way up? With a complicated pattern that might not be done but if it’s something simpler…

Hope you’re going to be happy with whatever choice you make! :thumbsup:

Personally, I’d probably leave it. I’ve frogged more than that when something bothered me, so I think it’s a personal call. If it’s the only thing you’re going to see on that sock and you’ll feel better after it’s fixed, then do it. There’s no guarantee that it won’t happen again, though. Remember that it IS handmade.

I voted to leave it, but the big question is “how noticable is it?” Some things will bug you because it jumps right out at you, others are things that you see but no one else in the world would be able to see it unless you point it out.

If it would bother you enough not to wear, frog it. I would certainly leave it if it isn’t really obvious.

Either way, what an adventure knitting is!!


I voted leave it too. I have some mistakes in a sock im on at the moment- was doing another project that was k1 p1 rib… picked socks up that should be k2 p2 rib and started doing k1 p1 rib. Put them down again 5 mins later (was waiting to have an x-ray) picked up again later and carriedon in k2p2 rib. I only noticed after another couple of inches of knitting. It doesn’t show too badly and the socks are for me so I’ve left it. It would break my heart to have to frog a sock I think!

If I frog or not really depends on what I’m knitting and how “noticable” the mistake is. I’m knitting a baby blanket for any future grand children I may have and I do have some errors in it but the pattern is such that it is not very noticable. I am the ONLY knitter in my family so they won’t ever know!!
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I am a “process” knitter and I do love the knitting part so I have certainly frogged a LOT in the past and really do not mind that much if I feel I really need to. :smiley:

You know about those rugs that always have a mistake in them because to be perfect is imitating “allah” and that’s not supposed to be done…

! I’d definitely leave it. Doesn’t sound like a huge mistake and after all, they are way down there on your feet!

That’s a lot of frogging! If it’s not that noticeable, I’d just leave it.

I like the dropping the stitches and picking them back up option.

I voted to leave it. However - if it were for a gift, I would frog it. I demand perfection or near perfection for gifts.

I voted not to frog. I’ve frogged for less, but have become less compulsive.

Even the Amish purposefully leave mistakes. To let the devil out I suppose, and probably to keep pride away.
I voted to leave it and continue :XX: .

I agree with bjc, if it’s a gift and if it’s noticeable to others I’d frog…if it’s only seen by me…I’d leave it & not think twice :wink:

If anyone asks say “it’s part of the design” :rollseyes:

That would be my first choice too!

I don’t frog much. I try very hard to fix mistakes. If I am working on something really special (not that all my stuff isn’t special, but YOU know what I mean) I might frog. But I try every other avenue first.

Thank you so much, everyone for your input. The sock is frogged back to “perfection” and I’m starting back to work on it as soon as I finish writing this. I actually feel much better now, having done it.

And as far as not offending the gods by trying to make something perfect, I’m sure there will be a mistake I’ll miss and wind up not fixing before I’m done! :lol:

I couldnt really answer…it would depend on several things… Im afraid I dont have enough information to be honest. :oops:

Whenever I make a mistake that far back on a sock, I just leave it. Sometimes, I’ll “cheat” and go back with a needle and thread to try to pull and attach the bad parts through to the back so it doesn’t bother me so much. I use kind of a “Sandy Darning” stitch. :smiley: