Poll - help me choose colours for a baby blanket

Arggh…seems I can’t edit the poll. The first one is for the first picture (1), the second one is for the second picture (2) and so on. Thanks!


I’m going to knit a baby blanket for a work friend who is having a baby. As I’m hopeless at working out what colours go together, I’d really love the help from everyone here at KH. I’m going to use Malabrigo Chunky to make the blanket.

I hope you can view the choices properly here and can see the differences between the blankets…

The number under each picture corresponds to the poll. If you could vote for which one you like best that would be great! If you don’t like any of them, any suggestions for colour combos would be great:)

Thanks heaps,

:shock:Ummmmm, they look to be the same color with #4 being slightly lighter

Well, I wouldn’t take # 4, I don’t like those colors.

The other ones look better to me, and I think I prefer # 3

Hi Ginny,

They all have similar colours and some colours are used in most/all of the blankets. I want to use the following colours -

and I’m not sure about the 6th colour. Purple seems too close to blue and orange too close to red and yellow.

Blankets 1 & 2 have the same first three colours. The fourth colour is two different yellows - sauterne and cadmium

Still looking at 1 & 2, the second block in the second row. The first one has jacinto while the second has purple mystery

Comparing them to # 3, 3 has the sauterne yellow of #1 and the purple mystery of #2, but it has a different blue…continetal .

The pink, green and red are the same in each blanket. If anyone has any ideas of the sixth colour that would be great.

Thanks heaps!

I like number 4.

I like #4, but would trade out the orange for a lighter shade.

The green in #1-3 looks different than the green in #4 (which looks more teal). I prefer the first green. I also think the purple looks better than the orange (the light purple). You’ve chosen interesting colors - so many baby blankets are pastels. (On a third examination #3 is probably my favorite of the 4, though #4 is nice because of the lighter colors.)

I like #1 - but I might switch the red out for the aqua/teal in #4 - but I’d have to see it together first to be sure.

Actually…I like them all and had to go back to the pics several times to choose one :lol: reminds me of stained glass - whichever you choose it will be very pretty and vibrant when done - be sure to post pictures!!! Lucky baby!

Thanks cftwo. If I’ve understood you correctly, I’ve kept the brighter green in blanket #3 but have changed the orange for the light purple. Have a look at #6.

Christl8, have a look at example #5. I’ve kept #1 but have switched the red for the aqua/teal

Thanks so much for the suggestions. Normally I would go for pastel colours too, but I think the bright colours are cheerful and something different.

Any other suggestions would also be great!

Thanks heaps,

Yep - #5 is the one I like. I like that the colors are more of the same values…

i like #5. :heart:

Hmmm I Like number 4 best as the colours are lighter… :cheering::muah:

Now that you’ve changed it, I like #5 too!

I like #3. I [I]think [/I]the colors are brighter but it is hard to tell. You might consider looking at Wild Stripes Baby Blanket at Knitty. I’m making it for our coming soon grandchild. It’s very colorful and it uses KP merino style which makes it very affordable.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

I like #4 the colors seem to flow a little better.