Poll: Do you make mistakes?

I was talking to a friend about having to always fix at least one error when when I knit and it got me to thinking so here you go.

If anyone says no, I think they are lying bigtime. (edited to add I see that NO mistakes ever is not an option on the poll, LOL)

I am only on my 2nd project ever and this one has purls in it so I am still accidentally yarning over even though I KNOW to switch the yarn between the needles. I also drop stitches but that is improving.

So count a big YES for me!

Well yeah… I forget a YO, or to slip on a skp, or misread the directions or something. There’s always something…

I never make mistakes, just some unintended design features. :mrgreen:

I still make plenty of mistakes but thankfully I now feel confident enough to be able to fix them.

Of course. I will fix them only if it’s an obvious or visible mistake, otherwise, if I can’t see it, then neither will anyone else. :wink:

Mistakes… hmmmm was that last frog (this morning) a mistake or just practice swatching on 201 stitches… ok, so I might perhaps make one mistake now and then LOL!!

I am that way now too. If I drop a stitch let’s say, I don’t freak out and tear the whole thing back, just get out my trusty little crochet hook and bring them right back up on the needle.

The one thing I have problems with is that I am left handed and knit left handed. In some instances you can really goof yourself up. I am making a pair of baby pants right now where the legs are made separate and then joined in the round on circs for the hips and waist. Welllllll, I knitted and frogged three times because it kept coming up garter stitch instead of stockinette. Guess what, being left handed the only way for it to work was to purl the rounds instead of knit them! Sometimes it takes me awhile…:wink:

Well I don’t make mistakes…I just trash the project after I goof it up enough LOL!!!

I have heard it said that only God is perfect. Since I do not fall into that category, I make mistakes on purpose so nobody can assume it was made by the diety and not me.

Do we have a “liar, liar, pants on fire” smiley?

I’m still new and practicing, so I go slow and think before acting in an attempt to practice perfect.
I’m sure once I get some speed going and don’t have to think about what I’m doing I’ll be making a lot of mistakes buried so far that a decision needs to be made about feature vs mistake.

But for now it’s rare.

I’ve NEVER not made a mistake that I can recall.


I always make mistakes. Most I fix, but like Silver if it isn’t visible to me I doubt anyone else would notice.

making one right now in fact…

:teehee: I always make mistakes…just goofy mistakes that are me not paying attention…they usually bother me though so I end up frogging back unless I can drop down and fix it, or fudge it so you can’t see it as well…

I used to get really wound up about making mistakes - having to undo things made me feel like a bad knitter, but after I read some articles on mindful knitting and some articles by pro knitters who were talking about their latest mistake, I realised that no-one doesn’t make mistakes and that it’s part of knitting. I factor in time for the screw up, and am only a little frustrated when I have to frog (except from when I nearly finish a project and the whole thing isn’t right, then I have to put it away for a little while before I can face it again!).

It’s a good metaphor for life - you screw up sometimes along the way, or it doesn’t work out how it was supposed to, part of the process is to figure out where you went wrong, fix it, and just get on with it. Life would be better if I could see it like that :wink:


I make at least one mistake per project. I just finished a baby blanket for my cousin that I had to restart 3-4 times because I kept misreading the directions.:oops: Most of the time my mistakes are simple like forgetting a yarn over or miscounting. 99%of the time they are fixable. I also leave them if the are not obvious!

Absolutely! All the time. If they’re relatively easy to fix, or if it really screws up the item, I’ll fix it… otherwise, as mason says, it becomes a design element! :slight_smile: As I’m learning, though, more and more mistakes are ‘easy to fix’. :slight_smile:

My definition of “a mistake”: something you didn’t catch before casting off, and/or seaming.

Such as, a cable that is crossed wrong, or too soon, or too late.
Or, a dropped stitch. Or, a split yarn thing.

It isn’t a mistake if you correct it! :cheering: