Poll: Continental versus English

Which do you do? I learned English and have been doing that, but I practiced the Continental method a little bit last night. I think once I have it down, it would be much quicker than English. I don’t know that I will switch, though.

I learned English and then switched to Continental. It’s easier for me because I don’t have to think about which way I’m wrapping the yarn. I will purl combined if I can get away with it (and knit through the back loop if I need to). And sometimes I go back to throwing if I’m doing a tricky stitch.

Welcome to the forum! This has been asked many, many times. You can use the search feature to find lots of info. Here’s a few links to previous threads.

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I’m still a english style knitter, but I’m planning on learning continental really soon.

I can do both. I find I prefer English (much to the dismay of the other knitters I know IRL :teehee: ).

I have had several wrist injuries (I’ve broken my left wrist twice and my right once, and have sprained them more often than I can relate - I used to play street hockey). I also work on the computer all day at work.

When I use continental, it begins to very quickly irritate my wrists, but “throwing” my yarn doesn’t, so I just continue using English.


[color=indigo]After having observed people knitting English style for many years, and never quite “getting it,” I saw someone doing continental style, and instantly the penny dropped for me.

I eventually learned English way, but never use it. Then again, I try to knit everything on circ needles - even place mats. :teehee:


I learned english and i have tried continental… but it feels too awkward! :!!!: lol :teehee: So, I will stick to my english!! :heart: :heart:

I started English, and knit that way for about a year. I have been knitting Continental for about 3-4 years now. I dont’ think I would be knitting if I hadn’t learned Continental, hence my username.