Poka Dot Felted Bag

I want to knit and felt a poka dot bag but I can’t find a pattern or chart on how to do the poka dots. I am not a free for all kind of gal. I always need something to follow. I know I saw something here that you can do your own chart. Does anybody know the site for that?

You could knit up a bag, felt the bag, and then needle felt on the dots!

Great idea Brenadjos!!! Thanks

Is this the site you were thinking of?


There’s also a pattern here if u don’t want to make one :smiley:

There was a pattern in either the current or last Interweave Knits magazine that was REALLY cute too!

I’ve done several polka dot things, including this:

And a skirt. I embroidered the dots on using duplicate stitch. :slight_smile: (BTW, these were for a custom order, and I did not choose the colors. :slight_smile: )
I found that you need to duplicate stitch four stitches, then two rows of six, then a row of four.

You can play around with starting with five and going to seven stitches, but that’s the proportion that works well.

:smiley: Those pants are TOOOOO CUTE :thumbsup:

Thanks for the links Ingrid and Rebecca! I love those pants IrishBaby!! So you didn’t knit them on, you embroidered them on after the pants were finished, right? What did you do to embroider the poka dots on? Did you use yarn, embroidery floss or something else? Sorry for all the questions? :??

Also, what is duplicate stitch?

Duplicate Stitch :thumbsup:

Andrea, I did see the one in Interweave Knits which I may have to do. :XX:

Thanks Jenelle, I guess I couldn’t use duplicate stitch for felted items.

Yes, they were knit and then embroidered on using wool yarn. You could definitely do it for a felted item if you embroidered the polka dots before felting, making them bigger than you wanted the finished product to be. :slight_smile:

So right IrishBaby just embroider them on with wool yarn and they will felt with the bag. Thank you!!!

If you are working in stockinette stitch, I imagine the circles will have to be taller than they are wide before felting, because you lose more in height than you do in width. So you’d be embroidering ovals.

And since felted knits are done very loosely on mondo needles, I’d think you’d need to keep your duplicate stitches loose, too.

And the base color might tend to “ghost” through the circles.

Maybe a slip stitch pattern would work, too?

Diane, Your right on the poka dots have to be ovals. The pattern in the Interweave Knits has the pattern for ovals rather than circles. I was wondering why. You’re a smart cookie!!!