Pointy Toe up heels

Well using Silver’s tutorial, I made a pair of toe up socks on 2 circulars. My problem is the heels are squarish pointy. I know its from doing the wraps and turns. I hate the look. I am wondering if there is a way to do the heels toe up that wont leave that pointy look. Does it mean I turned and wrapped to many rows maybe?

Any idea will help.


It could be that you wrapped to many…I haven’t had mine come out pointy…I know you can knit to up and still have a gusset heel will see if I can find a pattern with it…and then also there is the Sherman short row heel too…

Hereis one with a gusset heel worked toe up (pdf file)

Hereis what I use for the Sherman Short Row heel


Do you mean pointy in the center or that the “corners” have points? I think you may have wrapped too many. You could try it with less wraps…maybe leave 7 in the center unwrapped or take a look at the other links posted.

I think thats what I am doing is wrapping to many stitches. Now that I have more of the ankle done its not looking that bad.