Pointy Tips/Sock Question

Hi, I’m currently in the market to buy a set of knitting needles to make a pair of two at a time magic loop socks from Silver’s tutorial with worsted weight yarn. I’ve done a lot of reading of this forum, and have decided that I don’t want to get and Options just because it seems like a lot of people have issues, even accounting for the fact that people with issues complain louder than people without issues. It seems like people like Addi’s, but don’t like the tip unless you get the lace, and another group seem to like Hiya Hiya, some seem to think the tip is pointy, others no. I’m just wondering, what is the advantage to a pointy tip versus a blunter tip, and is the advantage noticable?

Also, is two at a time ML socks too adventerous for my 1st set of socks? I’ve never done ML, but plan to practice first, but I’ve made plenty of flat things before.


I’ve heard the pointy tips are great for lace making. I haven’t tried that. They’re excellent for binding off, decreasing, and cabling without a cable needle. You can slide into the stitches better, and I think that helps me knit faster. I’ve tried to knit with blunter tips and can’t do it. I’m spoiled on my Knitpicks Harmony Wood interchangeables. I’m very happy with mine. I can’t do without them. No complaints here. Best purchase I ever made.

I agree, I love my knitpicks nickle plated interchangeable set. I use them almost exclusively, unless my pattern requires dpns. But pointy tips to me are just easier all together to knit with, and just make life easier. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

About pointier vs blunter tips:
I think you can’t go by what other people like or don’t like; you need to find out what YOU like! I would suggest getting a fixed needle or some dpns to knit with and see how it(they) feel to you. I discovered using KP dpns that they are too pointy to suit me–they split the yarn too easily and also they sort of hurt my fingers. Addis are blunter and I like them better, as are Clover bamboo which I love. But lots of people really like the pointier needles! Plus KP Options are way cheaper, as long as otherwise you like them.

(Just think what a waste to buy a set of interchangeables and then not like them!) It isn’t a waste to buy some trial needles, especially if you try out ones that aren’t available in interchangeable. You can still find out how the tips feel to knit with. For example, 16" circular are only available fixed. So get one to knit a hat with and try it out! Or dpns, as I did (if you are a dpn kind of person). Or knit something on a size smaller than 4–some mitts? Socks?

Good luck!


Sorry to tack onto this thread, but this seemed the best place to ask without starting an entirely separate thread on circulars. Like heywardbookworm, I’m looking into needle sets, and intend to eventually move into socks (one at a time is plenty for me, for the moment!). And I like fairly pointy needles.

I like what I’ve seen of the Denise needles for their locking with a twist, and have no problems with plastic. But how pointy are they, say compared to Boye or Susan Bates needles?