Pointy needles?

I’m working on a laceweight wrap. I’m using size 4 Addi Turbos, but they are just a bit too dull to really get in there and grab the stitches. I’m finding that I’m fighting with them too much, and it’s making it really difficult to decrease.

I’m going to make a trip to the yarn store today, and need some brand name suggestions for some pointier needles. TIA!

I find Boye needles to be quite sharp and pointy, and they’re cheaper than Addi lace needles, but you’ll find them at walmart or a craft store rather than your LYS.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=purple]KnitPicks Options and Harmony or Addi Lace are nice and pointy…[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=#800080]I like the ones from KnitPicks myself…[/COLOR][/FONT]

KP Options are nice and pointy. One nice thing about ordering from KP is you can just order the size you need if you just need one or just want to test them and they won’t break the bank.

I haven’t used KP Harmonies, but I’ve heard they are pointy as well. Addi lace needles are also pointy, but more expensive. I personally don’t like Boye needles at all, but you can check them out at your local store like Michaels.

I am doing the secret of the stole kal and I am using the KP needles and they work great. The point is just pointy enough for the lace wt yarns.
So if you have the time to order some to the KP’s that is the way to go.
Of course I only have the the KP needles so I can’t say much about any other needles.


Can’t get much more pointy than Options

Yup, that would be my reply to - KP Options or Harmony needles - they’re wonderful!

The Addi Turbo LACE needles are more pointy than the regular Addi’s.

addi makes lace knitting needles now that are sharper.

Agreed!! If I knit too long with the smaller size I end up with a hole in my finger they are so pointy!

Susan Bates Quicksilvers are nice and pointy and Inox too

I had a good look at the Quicksilvers once and the cord looks soft and flexible. Is it?

Susan Bates Silvalume needles are pretty pointy.

The Addi Lace needles are very sharp and so are all needles from Knit Picks.