Pointy hat help!

I made a hat using various patterns I found on the internet. Problem is the decreases for the crown made the hat very pointy! What is the best way to achieve a flatter top crown on a hat? More markers and more decreases spread throughout the round? I knit a round plain in between each decrease round. I am trying to make a men’s hat, and pointy does not look good. Thanks.

You can block to change shape a bit if it is a natural fibre. You will get a flatter top with more decreases: many patterns instruct you to do a dec. round every round toward the end, or the last few decrease rounds are something like k2tog. around.

I was reading the Yarn Harlot’s [U]Knitting Rules![/U] last night and this question came up! She also says that you need to do more rows of decreases to level it off.

i think that if you start with many stitches in between your k2tog, then knit a row plain in between then decrease again, knit plain, and alternate until it’s the right size it will end up round.

do you have the book one skein? or can you get it from the library? the cupcake pattern in that has directions on how to make a totally flat element- i’ll try to get it from my library to see what it says.