Point protector for KP Options needles

Does anybody have any tip on what to use as point protector for the Options needles from KP? The rubber point protector that I got from Michaels keeps slipping off.


I’ve heard of people wrapping rubber bands around the tips. Not the prettiest looking point protector, but it probably won’t fall off.

I like the Large version of THESE. Even though they are large, they wont even slip off sz 1 needles, but they will also fit your big, fat needles. They are really stretchy. I would bet you have the sock-shaped or T-shirt-shaped ones, right? They are hard plastic?

I don’t even bother with PPs. I just slide the stitches onto the cables and I never have issues with stitches slipping off.

You still have to be careful if your stitches almost fill the cable…

Right. I’m mostly doing socks these days, so that’s not much of an issue. :wink:

I use these blue tips and they work great. I found them in wall-fart.

Thank you all! I’m putting it on my list for my next order from KP. Right now, I’m just drowned with yarns and I have to knit up a storm to finish all these projects before I can buy more. Then there’s the ball winder that I really want… etc… etc…

Wall-fart… that’s funny! :rofling: It’s not a typo, isn’t it? Because ‘f’ is so far away from ‘m’ on the keyboard.

OH… you’re gonna find LOTS of people who wont say the W word here, Elza! :wink:

I also have these and got them from the same place freyja got hers

Ohh… I so wanted to say the W word a LONG time ago… I thought if I did, I would be banned from the forum.

I use the same blue ones too!
I actually also use one as a PP for my little crane shaped scissors as the point on that bugger is deadly!! :roflhard: