Poinsettia knitting pattern from Knitscene Fall 06

I am hoping to find a copy of the Fall 2006 Knitscene. I want so much to knit the Poinsettia cardi from the cover. Their site says the issue is sold out. I’ve checked my Toronto libraries and they don’t have the issue either. Can anyone help? I am happy to re-purchase the magazine. Thanks all!


I would recommend you post this WANTED in the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum. Maybe someone will see it there. I know I’ve had better luck posting in that thread for things I was searching for than in regular threads.

Best of luck in your finding this issue.

Thanks for the tip, Astonh.
I was able to order a copy of the pattern from Interweave directly. Hadn’t realized I could do that when the issue was sold out…but there you go…good to know.