Hi just wondering if anyone has a poem or cute saying that they add to there knitted gifts?


I had this all planned out to send with my BIL’s christmas gift, a hat. I chickened out and didn’t go through with it, but it went something like this…

This hat is made for you by me,
Try it on and you will see,
I do so hope it’s not ill-fitting,
Because I do not mind re-knitting!

So dorky, I know, but thus are my poetry skills :blush:

ahh not dorky at all, rather cute and well worded.

“I slaved over this for hours. Wear it. Love it. Pretend if you have to”

Oh, Knitqueen, that is a cute poem! I wish you’d included it!

And Hildie-- :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

There was a poem that was posted on the patterns page to include with felted clogs, hats and slippers- hope the link works.


It works! Those are so cute!

Wow… Poems seem nice to put in gifts. I usually put in how to wash it. Hmm…

Incorporate that into your poem!

This hat’s for you
To keep out the cold
But wash it by hand
lest it fit only a two year-old!

No returns on knitting… you see a loose thread pull at your own risk…remeber beginner here… :rofling: lol what I wanted to say but instead I made up tags with a graphic and out from it just had Merry Christmas this ________ was knitted specially for you… Its made out of ____________ and to care for this item you may ___________ Love, and listed all of us… :rollseyes: then I printed them out and crazy cutted them with my scrapbook scissors then cut a bigger block out of holiday paper to border this piece… then I forgot to put them in their boxes… :doh: I wish I had a cute poem to include…

This gift was made
for you with love,
With thoughts of you
and images of
How happy you’d be
when you recieved it -
Now try it on,
make sure it fits!!


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’m with Hildie. If you hate it, don’t tell me. Look at the yarn wrapper I threw in there to find out how to care for it. If you ruin it, don’t tell me that, either. If I come to your place and find it in a heap on the bedroom floor, you’re dead meat. Bah humbug!

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