I’ve discovered podcasts…:shock: Okay, I knew about them, but had never gotten into them. Now I’m addicted. I’ve been listening to lots of different "60 second science, health, geology…, This American Life, and a few knitting ones.

I’m getting lots of knitting done while I listen on my iPad! What are your favorite?

I listen to podcasts on my iPod Nano when I’m driving in the car by myself, mostly to and from work (about 25 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes at night). I have just gotten caught up on two that were started two years before I started to listen to them, but overall I am currently about six months behind on my listening and am listening to podcasts posted last May.

I subscribe through iTunes, but I’m linking to their own sites.

I listen to two about scrapbooking (Paperclipping Roundtable and The Digi Show), NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, andThe New Yorker’s Comment Podcast. I also listen toNikonians Photo Professors (once a month) and Lion Brand Yarn’s Yarncraft podcast(every two weeks).

I used to listen to a lot more, but I couldn’t keep up and had to let a bunch of them go. :oops: I’d like to go back and pick upCreative Living with Jamie [Ridler], but I need to get caught up to the present first!

Before looking up these links, I didn’t know that Nikonians had another podcast – Northern Exposure – and that Jamie Ridler has started a new one with her sisters – stART. They are both pretty new and I should check them out while I can still catch up from the beginning!

I’d like to find more knitting podcasts, but I find I enjoy a group of hosts and guests rather than just one or two people, and haven’t found any like that yet. (Not that I’ve put a lot of effort into it.) I actually quit Yarncraft for a while but found I missed it and am now subscribing to them again. I dropped Jamie Ridler for the same reason – hers is mainly an interview format – but I miss the creative encouragement. I’m wondering whether I’d like her new show better since it seems to have three hosts.

One of my favorite ones is Mr. Baconpants. It’s two guys from Pittsburg that sit in their computer room and just talk about bacon.

Any knitting favorites?

I don’t have any knitting ones (outside of the Lion Brand one) because I haven’t been looking. :slight_smile:

Since my earlier post, I’ve dropped the Nikonians podcast and am not planning to start up any of the other ones I was considering then. I picked up Tips From The Top Floor to fill in for my photography fix.

I think that’s all I have time for during my commute so I’m going to stop there – two scrapbooking, one knitting/crocheting, one photography, one current events (sort of) and one editorial commentary. However, I’m going to try a Disney podcast that one of my other podcast hosts has started, but I don’t know if I’ll keep it as I’m already listening to more than I have time for. (I’m caught up to mid-July now, but not sure if I’ll keep making good progress when I’ve picked up two more shows. :doh:)

I, too, am a podcast addict. I prefer not to put myself into recovery just yet, thanks. I found that they are fabulous to listen to when knitting. I couldn’t knit and read at the same time (at least not until kindle/iPad) and podcasts were fun while knitting.

Here are my favs:
This American life
Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me
Astronomy cast
Classic Tales by BJ Harrison
Radio Lab
The Moth


Thanks, Bambi! I do listen to This American Life and will check the others, too! :thumbsup: