So, I’ve had a wonderful afternoon knitting on my daughter’s gauntlets & listening to ~Pointy Sticks Podcast~…Got me thinking…

“What is everyone’s fav podcast”

Rhy :sun:

Don’t want to sound dumb, but oh well. I’m older than dirt, so I guess it’s ok. I know a podcast is something you download to your IPod off the computer - or I think I know that? Is that even right? - but that sounds like there’s something about knitting? Could you explain a bit to an old fogey, please?

Podcasts are like pre-recorded radio shows that you can download to listen to anytime. There are podcasts about knitting.

My favourite is Lime and Violet, followed by Cast On with Brenda Dayne.

Knitting News is my fave.

If you’ll download iTunes to your computer (it’s a free program, available at http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ ) once you have it, it’s really easy to open the music store (via a link on the left sidebar of the program) and search for podcasts. Podcasts are usually free, I’ve even found some old radio shows for free! Or if you know what podcast you’re looking for you can sometimes find the website (for example googleing ‘pointy sticks podcast’ gets you www.pointysticks.org) and find a download for it there - they don’t always require itunes.

Since Aidan already covered what a podcast IS, there’s no need to be redundant :smiley:

My favorite podcast actually has nothing to do with knitting (gasp) , it’s NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” a news ‘comedy/game show’ of sorts.

I lurrrrve Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me. Paula Poundstone is the best panelist EVAR

Yeah, ain’t she great?! She cracks me up…

So far my favorite knitting podcasts are Cast On (her voice is so soothing), Lime and Violet… these gals make me laugh so hard! And i listen to KnitCast off and on and i have Knitting Psychos on my list which i have not listened too yet.

Non knitting podcasts i listen to while knitting consist of Diggnation (this is for those who are a little bit techy), Deo’s Shadow (a pagan podcast), Ctrl+Alt+Chicken (a video podcast thats a tech cooking show… sometimes the meals turn out terrible, its so amusing to watch), The 4th Age (a podcast about Robert Jordan’s book Wheel of Time series), And Tiki Bar TV (a video podcast, very silly but i get to learn how to make a new cocktail so yea!). And NPR Environment and It’s all Politics.

I really dig the whole podcast thing, there is a podcast on anything you could think of. Along with audiobooks, podcasts are something i really enjoy listening too while knitting, since i don’t watch much tv.

I love the official LOST podcast :thumbsup:

I’ve only listened to Lime and Violet’s first podcast. It was hilarious… like sitting right there with them while they related their Adventures in Stash Building. I’m now a fan, but the speakers on my laptop seem to have a short, they’ve worked less and less and now aren’t working at all (and headphones don’t work either). I’ve ordered some USB speakers and once they’re here I plan on downloading the rest of their podcasts so I can get caught up to date on them.

Kewl…so now i can check out yours \ never heard of some of them, however, i am familiar with Lime & Violet :roflhard:

I also like:

  1. Pointy Sticks
    2.Irie Knits

Thanks to all who gave their two cents worth! :notworthy: