Pocket linings

Im not sure how to do knit my pocket linings it says to cast on 20 sts then continue with the foundation row & 8 rows of the pattern
Foundation row p15,(k1,p4)twice,k2,p2,k4,p2,k2(p4,k1)twice,p13
The next rows are cables and twist to form the pattern so where do I start?

What is the name of your pattern?
Can you try to match up the foundation row to the beginning of the 8 row pattern? You can quote the first couple of rows of the 8 row pattern here. We can post large portions of patterns but that much is ok.

Row 1 p1,(k1,p1)7 times(p1,k4)twice,p2,k2,p4,c4f,p4,k2,p2(k4,p1)twice,(p1,k1)7 times,p1
Row 2 k1,(p1,k1)7 times(k1,p4),twice,k2,p2,k4,p4,k4,p2,k2(p4,k1)twice,(k1,p1)7times ,k1
The rows carry on the same at the start and end of the rows alt the middle is the only bit that changes with cables and twists. The pattern is stylecraft 4205

For 20 sts in the liner, it looks like you want to continue with the center 20sts of the pattern:
Foundation row: p4, k2,p2,k4,p2,k2 p4
Row 1 p2,k2,p4,c4f,p4,k2,p2
Row 2 k2,p2,k4,p4,k4,p2,k2

Check that that continues the pattern that is already established.

Thank you you learn something everyday thanks to all you experienced knitters

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That’s very nice of you to say. Give it a try and make sure it works!