Pocket Help

I am knitting the Taiga sweater and need help with the pockets. Here is the link https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/taiga-4

I’m using DK weight yarn instead of the super bulky yarn. So far the substitution has worked just fine. But now that I’m at the pockets things are now working. Using the number of stitches in the patter makes the pocket too far forward and too small for my hand and just looks terrible.

The pattern is worked top down and the instructions use the following numbers for the pattern:

Left pocket facing:
With RS facing k18,p1, k1 2 times, place remaining sts on st holder or waste yarn.
Next row (WS): p1, k1 2 times, p to end.
Continue to work as established for 28 rows, at the same time shape pocket as follows:
On the next RS row work in St st until last 5 sts remain, increase 1 st by RLI, work to end.
Repeat this increase row on every 6 th row 3 more times. (4sts increased) Break yarn and leave sts on st holder.

CO and knit 20 sts (pocket lining), pick up and knit back sts from st holder, CO and knit 20
sts(pocket lining).
Work in St st for 27 rows.

Next row (RS): BO 24sts, k to last 24 sts, BO 24 sts.
Join pocket facings and back by working across all sts again.
Work bottom band in 1X1 rib for 10/10/12/12/14/14 rows.
BO with MC.

So my questions is, how do I increase those numbers to get a pocket that is set back more and is deeper?

I appreciate your help.


That’s quite a change in weight but if you can knit a size that makes it work, good.
You’ll have to determine how many more sts to add depending on how deep you want the pockets to be. At the beginning of the first row that you quote:
“With RS facing k18,p1, k1 2 times, place remaining sts on st holder or waste yarn.”
the k18 is where you would add sts to move the pocket opening. You’ll be adding 4sts to the pocket anyway so there’s only so far you can move the k18 before reaching the edge.

Thanks for your response.

I’m sorry, but I’m not understanding.

The left pocket starts at the edge of the RS and works towards the back, so I would be working away from the edge.

I was hoping there was a mathematical formula that would work to increase the number of the stitches as there are three parts to the pocket.


Well you could work it out as a proportion but it might be better if you looked at the knitting so far and figured out how many inches deeper you wanted the pocket. You would be extending the depth before the pocket opening.
The pocket starts at the RS edge on the left front so you’re knitting toward the pocket opening on the side. Instead of knitting 18sts then the (p1k1)x2 edging, what if you knit 22sts or 24sts (or whatever you think) then the pocket edging? You’e also going to have to increase sts for the pocket lining here.

I think that can work.
How do you think the numbers would workout? Let’s say I do 24 sts for the pocket facing. Would I keep the proportions the same and do 22 st for the lining and BO 26 st? It’s the last part that I’m not sure about.
I really appreciate you working through this with me!

Give it a try and see if that works. You should be able to tell (1) if the pocket is deep enough and then later, (2) if the lining is long enough to work. .
Once you know if the pocket is the correct size, you can place the first 6 or so rows of the liner on it and see if it will be long enough.

Great! Thanks again