Pocket help for beginner

I am a new knitter graduating beyond practice squares & scarves with my first project:

Baby Baseball Tee with Mittens by Ullman and Clark
(I tried to insert a link here but as a first time poster I cannot.)

I have not started yet but I am reading ahead to try and understand what’s coming, and am confused about the pocket instructions:

Setup Row 1: (WS) P17, k17, p17.

Row 2: Knit.

Row 3: Repeat Row 1.

Row 4: K17, bind off centre 17 sts, knit to end.

Row 5: P17, slip sts from Pocket Lining holder onto left-hand needle with WS of pocket facing, purl to end. [I]*The pocket liner will be made and waiting to be added, I didn’t include that part of the pattern)
Continue in St st, beginning with a knit row, until piece measures 7" [18 cm] from the beginning, ending with a WS row. Complete as for Back.

How do I bind off in the center of a piece? Do I need at add a new ball of yarn? Maybe this will be more clear when I actually get there but I can’t quite visualize it.

Thanks in advance for your assistance, Marny

BO in the center of the piece just the same way you do at the end, and you don’t need another piece of yarn. Knit 17 sts, then knit 2 [I]more[/I] and lift the first one of those over the next one. Repeat, until you’ve lifted 17 sts over then next one, don’t count the sts you knit, just the ones slipped over. Then finish the row. And yes, it’ll probably make a lot more sense when you get to it and have the stitches actually on the needles.

By the way, if you do get to this point in the pattern and get stuck, come back and ask for more help here. Someone on KH will get you through it! Guaranteed!!

Thanks everybody! I did practice on my square and it worked just fine. I think I understand how I will knit in the pocket liner when I get to the next row too - once I knit my first 17, I will transfer the pocket from the stitch holder onto the needle I’m using. Here I go!