Pm question

My pattern says “K1, pm, yo, K2, yo, pm, knit to end”.
Then the next line says to knit.
2 lines later, it says to pm before the yo again.

Do I leave the markers where I put them when I do the knit rows?
It doesn’t say to carry the markers up-but the directions say I only need two markers. What are the markers for??

Is the pattern available free that we can actually see it? How about even a photo of the fininshed item?

In any case, I think you would have to pass the marker over to the next needle when you get to it when you do the knit rows.

A lot of times you would leave the PM and even on the knit rows… does the # of sts grow before the YOs where you would need to move them? that’s the only thing I could think of that would change the place of the pm unless you decrease… :blooby:

I bought the pattern at my LYS-it’s for some lovely fingerless gloves. I think I am increasing for thumb. I am doing it on 2 circulars. I think I should just do the row and see what happens. The LYS isn’t open til Tuesday. Good thing I have 2 other projects I can work on if I feel like I have to wait. Would it be helpful if I showed you more rows of the pattern?

Yes, you could type out a couple more rows after that to see where the next pm goes. Since you’ll be increasing stitches between the markers you put on the 1st row, you may place another one in there.

row 1 knit
row 2 knit
row 3 knit
row 4 knit
row 5 k1, pm, yo, k2, yo, pm knit to end
row 6 knit
row 7 knit
row 8 k1, pm, yo, k4, yo, pm, knit to end
On row 11, I knit 6 inbetween the yo, row 14 k8, row 17 k10, row 20 k12.
I guess I don’t know when to take OFF the markers. Why are they there?
Thank you in advance. :0)

Looking at this, I think it’s a typo and should read `sm’ for slip marker.

I think you’re right! After I place the makers the first time, I need to sm each time after that! I’ll give it a try. That makes sense!:woohoo: