Plymouth outback mohair

anyone ever knitted with this? I’m trying to make wisp from knitty and this seems too furry, but it’s mohair and nylon like she said to use-however it does have wool in it too. Could this be my problem? I have the gauge right, but it doesn’t look anything like the pics on knitty. Should I try something else, maybe a synthetic at Michaels or Hobby Lobby?

Are you using the same yarn? Lace needs to be blocked for it to look right I think so it may be fine after that.

It’s not the same yarn she was using, I actually emailed her and found out that my yarn was too furry to see the pattern unless I used really big needles, maybe another time I’ll use that, but for now I got the patons lacette in the lavendar color (my 3 year old picked it out) and so it’s working well now. Thank you though.all of you for your help.