Plymouth Encore?

Hey everyone. I’m thinking about which yarns to use for my first sweater. I had been leaning toward Cascade 220 but I’m curious about Plymouth Encore. I hear good things about it, but I see that it’s mostly acrylic. Is it better than Lionbrand Woolease (which I do not like very much at all, and certainly will not make a sweater out of). What do you think of Encore for a sweater?

I’ve never made a sweater with it, but I love to knit with it. It’s soft, the stitches always look nice and even and it’s machine washable. I don’t find Cascade 220 very soft for next to skin wear. It’s not machine washable, but it’s good for felting.

I am almost 100% a natural fiber knitter, however, I think Plymouth Encore is a GREAT YARN! I especially like the Colorspun series, the variegated colors! I use Encore to knit for my little grandchildren so their mom’s don’t have to handwash and fuss around with drying flat, etc.

I made myself a pullover one time. Very nice to wear. It did pill eventually, but I suppose even the natural fibers can pill, too!

Go for it! :thumbsup:

I made all the boys’ sweaters out of Encore. It is my go-to yarn when I want to knit something completely washable.

In fact, two of my Fair Isle sweaters were made of Encore dk because it was handy and they were my first attempts. I love them–they’re soft, not pilly and I can throw them in the washer and dryer.

yep- love the Encore. Not too expensive, washes GREAT and knits nicely in the hand. and they do have a great selection of solids, and muliticolors and kinda tweedy colors.

I am the process of knitting sweaters for my kids with the Encore. I love the colors. The kids like that it is soft and my lys ladies said they used it for all of their grandkids.

Encore really hurt my hands the one time I used it, but I was also a fairly tight knitter then, and I think I already had tendonitis at that point (undiagnosed) so that might’ve been my problem. :shrug:

It was very soft, and I loved the way it came out, though.

I’m currently working on my second project with Plymouth Encore–first made a baby bunting, now a baby blanket. It was recommended by my LYS as an excellent yarn for babies & children due to its softness, warmth from the wool content yet it’s easy care. The color selection is wonderful so it’s sometimes hard to decide which to choose.
Cascade 220 also has a nice color selection. I just bought some to make the Fuzzy Feet felted slippers, but have not worked with it yet. It seems like it would be a nice yarn for an adult sweater, but I probably wouldn’t use it for a child because of the care issues.

Whatever you decide, I hope you post a photo.

I enjoyed Encore and it is soft and easy care. I’ve used Cascade a bit for felting and it seemed quite rough.

I’ve been making afghan squares out of the Plymouth Encore & have really liked how they’re coming out. I chose that yarn b/c we had to have “bright” colors (and boy, are they bright!). I’ve also used Cascade 220 (for a scarf for the Husband). He loves it, but it feels itchy to me. I’ve also used Cascade 220 superwash for hats. It feels a lot softer than the regular 220.