Plying question

I want to ply two singles together, but am wondering what to do if they aren’t the same length. I mean I’ll put the two bobbins on the Lazy Kate and ply away, but I’m sure one will be shorter than the other, then what do i do?:shrug:

It will always be true that one bobbin of singles will be shorter than the other, because it’s impossible to get them exactly the same. Just ply them until one bobbin runs out, then cut the single from the other one. I throw the remainders away.

Yeah, what Jess said – except that I usually Navajo-ply the remaining singles if there isn’t a whole lot left, or andean ply them if there’s a significant amount left.

Another option is to make a center pull ball out of the leftover and ply it that way.

Actually plying from a center pull ball is a great way to not have leftovers in the first place!