Plying question

I recently bought some fiber from an ebay seller. She emailed me to let me know the shipping calculator overcharged me, so she would be sending extra fiber! Yippee. She sent me two different colorways with just a couple ounces each. Since my spinning is still questionable I thought I might use these little bits as practice to get to my real goal of making some sock yarn from the fiber I bought.

So anyways here is my question. I spun up the orange one yesterday and it didn’t even fill a bobbin…which I expected since it was only a couple ounces… But now I don’t know how to ply it. I am hoping that I don’t need to put half the singles onto another bobbin but I am afraid that is what you are going to tell me…

So How do you ply this?

You can put half of the single onto a second bobbin to ply, but you don’t have to - you can wind half off the bobbin into a center-pull ball and ply from that.
You can even (theoretically) wind the entire thing off into one big center-pull ball and ply with the outside and inside strands, but I think it’s a bit tricky to coordinate and avoid tangling.

I wish there was a magic trick to this, but from what I know, the only option is to re-wind half onto another bobbin. It’s a pain, I know.

I was thinking about this question and the answer hit me like a Mack truck…
Navajo Plying!! You can make a 3 ply yarn with one single!

Navjo ply, or make a center pull ball and ply from both ends of the ball! That’s what I do in a pinch. it takes some experience to have it go smoothly but you can do it!