Ply information

I have been trying to learn about yarn ply. If I have a pattern that calls for 8 ply and I have 4 ply acrylic soft worsted (Deborah Norville soft worsted Everyday) how can I tell if it would work? It’s for the pattern, and the yarn is a multi colored really pretty color.

I have a problem ordering yarn and then forgetting what I wanted for when it gets here! :?? :think: Does that sound like a serious mental problem? :oo:

Oh, I forgot to mention that this yarn says medium with a 4 on the label, but I have some other yarn that says the same thing and seems a little bit bulkier.

Check the gauge of the pattern and the gauge on your yarn label. If they’re close, you’re good to go.

Not all “worsted” or “4” yarn is exactly the same size. Caron Simply Soft, for instance, feels very thin to me, and Red Heart Super Saver is heavier than most other “medium.” Experience will tell you which will work best for any given pattern and how you want to handle yarn that is slightly off gauge (for instance, use a bigger needle for Simply Soft for a slightly lacy look, or make the next bigger size of sweater or what have you to keep a tighter fabric.)

Problem is, on this yarn label it doesn’t say the gauge. And I’m not able to tell from the little icons. I got one of those gauge thingies but haven’t learned to use it yet.

So is this right? You can have different worsted yarns (4) with different gauges?

Thanks for the help.

Yep. Swatch a little and see what you get. If you’re making anything wth pockets, especially if the yarn seems fragile, knit a pocket instead of a swatch–no wasted work or yarn.

They are usually close, but not exact. For instance you really shouldn’t have a sport weight labeled as 4 as it’s too far off.

What are you making? On some things gauge is less important.

Thanks, right now I’m into hats so I’ve been browsing patterns. Seems like it wouldn’t matter so much with hats, just make more rows if needed??

Exactly. If you want a hat slouchy, extra rows will take care of that, too.