Pluss size patterns

hi all

i am looking for pluss sized patterns for my mums birthday pressie.

i have looked on line and found nothing that i think she would like. does anyone know of any pluss sized jumper patterns please



I’m a plus-size too (16-18, depending) and I’m going to make this one for myself next.
It’s very flattering and accentuates the curves (if your mom wants that?!).
Good luck

Vermont designs has a large selection of sizes, as does white lies designs, Knitting Pure and Simple, and Oat Couture. You might find this helpful, too.

Queen_mo, that is so cute! I want to make that. Thanks so much for the link.

I’ve made the Donna sweater. There were some errors in the pattern, but with Ingrid’s help I made it through okay!

Big Girl Knits!

WOW so many to look at. i’m sure i will find something for her on there.

thanks so much. living in france we really struggle to find ‘nice’ clothes to fit her. she has to return to the UK which is crazy. the french women being sooo thin and all (pretty much all are stick insects lol, i’m a usa size 10 (i like the usa sizes lol i’m a 12 in the uk lol))


thanks again, i will try and get my camera working again after my 3 year old ‘helped’ me clean up and smashed it :rollseyes:


I know Im coming late to the party here but I just finished the parts for a sweater out of a leisure arts book calle [u]Fashion-Plus Knits/u. They are more, basic I guess is a good word, patterns. A little older then some of the patterns listed above. They are simple to knit as well and I think are flattering.