Plus size sweater/coat

ok all my wonderful knitting helpers…i need your help…for some reason I’ve decided I would like to knit my mother a sweater/coat for xmas…I need help finding a pattern…I would like to make something that looks somewhat fresh and in style as she doesnt have much updated clothing…I know she would prefer something like a cardigan style or coat that she could put on top of what she’s wearing as she doesn’t like her clothing to “touch” her…here’s the difficult part I need to make it in a size around 3x…and nothing that’s short…I found a few and one i like that I think would work, however it’s heavily cabled and has pockets and since this would be my first attempt at a sweater I’m weary…the pattern is for the Car Coat in the new Bernat Ready, Set, Snow booklet that I got as a download for a survey…if any of you have seen this and can help me find something similar that would be great…

I found this -

You can also do a search on Ravelry for plus sizes.

This very easy 8-hour sweater jacket knitting pattern comes in size small to 2X. It’s the white one and can be knit longer. For more width, this large size is for 52", add stitches in the middle of the pieces if you need to.